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The Datsun 280Z is known for being mechanically robust, reliable and simple vehicles to own. It was dubbed by road and track as the “Most exciting GT car of the decade”. The 2.8 liter overhead cam inline 6 has proven to be a bullet proof engine providing 150hp and 160ftlbs of torque.

GR Auto Gallery is pleased to bring to market one of the finest 280z’s we have in our showroom. This clean 1978 example is finished in blue over a flawless black interior. The cosmetic presentation is over the top and looks excellent in every aspect. Highlights include AM/FM radio, air conditioning, rear window louvers, rear defrost and power brakes. The car rides on 195/70/R14 tires mounted on factory wheels.

Datsun Z cars have an enormous following around the globe and are considered the entry level collectible with the biggest future. Although their production numbers were high, there survival rate is low. Cars of this quality need to be considered.

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