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The 2017 BMW 5 Series grew in size but not weight thanks to its use of high-strength lightweight materials. New engines let it increase power but not consumption, and a new double-wishbone front and five-link rear suspension setup leave things looking good in the athleticism department, but don’t celebrate just yet. The 5 Series also boasts a host of new available features that can easily negate every one of those saved pounds, depending on how aggressive you get with the options list.

My 5 Series was packed to the gills with tech, but the big news is the sixth version of the iDrive system. Once the most maligned interface out there, the iDrive has become one of the best. You control it using buttons on the steering wheel, touchscreen, rotary dial, and traditional console, so figuring out where to be at any given point will take time. It’s intuitive enough to learn on the fly, so you won’t have to have to spend a day in your driveway with the manual, but doing so will reap benefits. Read more on CarGurus:

Presenter: Michael Perkins
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