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Learn about the 2020 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid. With its smart combination of electric and gas power, it’s our best-performing, most fuel-efficient Crosstrek ever.

Compare the 2020 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid vs. Crosstrek Base, Premium and Limited models with the videos below:

2020 Crosstrek Model Reviews:

– Crosstrek Base – $22,145: (
– Crosstrek Premium – $23,195: (
– Crosstrek Limited- $27,395: (

Crosstrek Hybrid Potential Cost Savings:

– Up to $4,500 federal tax credit
– Up to $1,500 local/state credit
– Up to $350 annual savings on gas cost

Crosstrek Hybrid Charging and Capabilities:

– Level 1 (110v) charge time: 5 hours approximately
– Level 2 (220v) charge time: 2 hours approximately
– Fuel efficiency: Up to 90 MPGe (on a full charge)
– Total range: Up to 480 miles
– Tow capacity: Up to 1,000 lbs.
– Manage charge times remotely with MySubaru app

Crosstrek Hybrid Frequently Asked Questions:
*Starting at $35,145

Will the Crosstrek Hybrid run if I don’t charge it?
– Yes, the vehicle automatically runs on both gas and electric.

Does the Crosstrek battery charge while driving?
– Yes, the battery automatically charges while driving.

What does MPGe mean?
– MPGe is a metric used to compare the relative efficiency of alternative fuel vehicles to gasoline vehicles. So in pure electric mode, the Crosstrek Hybrid is as energy-efficient as a gasoline-powered vehicle rated at 90 MPG.

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