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4×4 Trail Fix – Hummer H1 Tire off the Rim on Off Road trail

Humman Off-Road Adventures channel is dedicated to 4×4 Off-Road Adventures, Extreme 4×4 Off-Road and 4×4 Offroad Overland Adventures
We feature all 4×4 makes and models off-road trucks and SUV.
We participate in 4×4 off-road adventures, 4×4 offroad overland expeditions and 4×4 rallies to gain and share 4×4 experience.
We feature hardcore custom 4×4 off-road trucks, off-road monster trucks and rock crawlers which are capable to go through most challenging terrains and various off-road conditions.
We also are featuring 4×4 off-road capable cars, best offroad SUVs and other capable off-road vehicles which are suitable for daily drive as well as off-road worthy.
We share videos about 4×4 fails and challenges for educational purposes. The dangerous 4×4 off-road fails caught on camera are shared with public to promote awareness of 4×4 offroad risk and 4×4 off-road failures.
Off-road 4×4 fails uploaded for educational purposes to promote awareness of extreme 4×4 off-road dangers.
Extreme 4×4 truck off-road overland adventures are dangerous, and require good 4×4 vehicle and driver preparation for 4×4 offroading.
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4×4 Overland off-road
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4×4 off-road rally and off-road overland adventure
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4×4 fail and off-road fails
4×4 overland expeditions and off-road buggy
Hardcore 4×4 off-road extreme
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Xtreme 4×4 offroad

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