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Rolls-Royce Motors is in 1973 ontstaan door afsplitsing van de automobieldivisie van Rolls-Royce Limited, nadat dit bedrijf in 1971 wegens faillissement genationaliseerd was. De rest van de onderneming ging verder onder de oude naam Rolls-Royce Ltd. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is de divisie van het Duitse autoconcern BMW die verantwoordelijk is voor de productie van automerk Rolls-Royce. De productie van de Rolls-Royce Phantom 2003 begon in 2003, die van de Rolls-Royce Ghost in 2010. Bron: Wikipedia.

Ghost | The Purest Expression of Rolls-Royce

Kijktijd: 2:13. Publisher: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsThe purest expression of Rolls-Royce. #RollsRoyceGhost Arriving 01.09.20. Je kunt deze video ook bij de bron bekijken.

New Ghost's Science of Serenity

Kijktijd: 3:13. Publisher: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsWhen engineering new Ghost, Rolls-Royce's team of acoustic specialists were obsessively focussed on creating a sense of serenity while...

Rolls-Royce Bespoke: Arctic White Dawn Black Badge

Kijktijd: 48. Publisher: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsEvery Rolls-Royce client is different, but they share a desire to express their personal visions of luxury. In doing...

New Ghost's Engineering Purity

Kijktijd: 1:45. Publisher: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsWhen Ghost clients were informed that Rolls-Royce would begin developing a new Ghost, their request was simple: deliver a...

When Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge met California's Hot Rods

Kijktijd: 2:41. Publisher: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsRolls-Royce’s Black Badge motor cars reflects the desires of a distinct group of Rolls-Royce clients: men and women who...

What the first Ghost taught Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Kijktijd: 1:32. Publisher: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsSignificant time was invested in understanding the group of clients the first Rolls-Royce Ghost was tailored to. As more Ghosts...

Post Opulence, new Ghost’s minimalist design treatment

Kijktijd: 1:42. Publisher: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsRolls-Royce shares some insights to demonstrate the underlying substance of the highly progressive new Ghost ahead of its official...

When Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge met LA’s car subculture: Part 1

Kijktijd: 2:12. Publisher: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsRolls-Royce’s Black Badge motor cars respond to a subset of clients who connect with the marque with wilfully disruptive...

Rolls-Royce Wraith Kryptos Collection Car

Kijktijd: 2:3. Publisher: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsThe Wraith Kryptos Collection carries within it an encrypted cipher that evolves throughout the car for the clients’ pleasure...

Inspiring Greatness Episode 9: Tom Sellers

Kijktijd: 2:31. Publisher: Rolls-Royce Motor CarsAs the owner behind Michelin-starred establishment, Restaurant Story, chef Tom Sellers is perennially in search of inspiration and meaningful...

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