Saturday, May 30, 2020
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In deze categorie hebben we voor jou de video’s verzameld van alle niet Nederlandse aanbieders en merken.

Bob Lutz on Buick

Kijktijd: 3:43. Publisher: General MotorsGM's Bob Lutz answers more questions from FastLane readers. Je kunt deze video ook bij de bron bekijken.

HUMMER H2 at Durango

Kijktijd: 2:49. Publisher: General MotorsRecently, more than 40 automotive journalists from across the country have traveled to Durango, Colo., to experience the capabilities of...

Bob Lutz Answers Your Questions

Kijktijd: 3:10. Publisher: General MotorsGM's Bob Lutz sits down in front of the camera to answer your questions from the FastLane blog. Stay tuned...

Addressing the Volt Questions

Kijktijd: 7:38. Publisher: General MotorsNick Zielinski, Vehicle Chief Engineer for the Volt, answers some of the questions GM's FastLane blog has received this year....

Venturi Fétish

Kijktijd: 2:29. Publisher: VenturiautomobilesLaunched in 2004, the VENTURI FÉTISH was presented on the occasion of the brand's 20th anniversary. Journalists and personalities who were then...

Ain’t We Got Love

Kijktijd: 1:3. Publisher: General MotorsTake a look at a few people who love Chevy. Je kunt deze video ook bij de bron bekijken.

Ringing the NYSE Bell

Kijktijd: 1:35. Publisher: General MotorsGary Cowger, GM VP of Global Manufacturing and Labor Relations, along with the rest of the Executive Leadership Cabinet for...

Bob Lutz Introduces the Saturn Sky

Kijktijd: 9:20. Publisher: General MotorsBob Lutz and the Saturn Sky. Je kunt deze video ook bij de bron bekijken.

Opel GT Presentation

Kijktijd: 3:17. Publisher: General MotorsKurt Beyer discusses the Opel GT, of which he was chief designer, at the 2006 Geneva Auto Show. Je kunt deze...

GM’s Rancho Cucamonga Solar Power

Kijktijd: 2:3. Publisher: General MotorsTake a look at how one GM plant is giving back to both the community and the environment. Je kunt deze...

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