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Dan Barasch is extremely excited about a worldwide trend of rethinking existing spaces in a way that they cater to what humans really need: nature. Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube:

Dan Barasch has always been keen on using innovative technology to better people’s lives – especially when it comes to those in big cities. As co-founder and executive director of The Lowline that’s exactly what he’s doing. By transforming an underground trolley terminal in New York City, he utilises unused infrastructure to create a park where the local community can relax and socialise.

Solar technology will illuminate the underground park and deliver the much-needed sunlight to make the plants and trees grow. New York City has greenlit and officially endorsed the project which leads to continued community engagement.

“If we can reimagine cities as places where humans come first, then we can design the spaces where humans are spending their time.” – Dan Barasch #switchtoEQ

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