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The day is finally here, we dragged this car out of someone’s yard as a rusty mess running on two cylinders. After a whole lot of work, it’s still a rusty mess but we’re at least pretty sure that it’s running on six. So is it ready for autocross? It has to be, because we’re taking it either way!

This episode is a long time coming, and represents a finale of sorts for this series, because we did reach our goal and against all odds, succeeded! However, it certainly isn’t the last you will see of this project. There is still a ton of work to do, and Sean (the owner) has some big plans…

Date of filming: August 19th, 2017
Voiceover Recorded: March 3rd, 2018

Song List (Order of First Appearance):
0:00 North Sea – Riot
2:28 Days Are Long – Silent Partner
4:24 Bright Future – Silent Partner
5:47 Red Sea – Riot
6:52 Heavyweight – Ethan Meixsell
10:14 The Big Guns – Silent Partner
11:45 Solar Flares – Silent Partner

(All music provided by YouTube’s Audio Library royalty free.)

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