Dream Car Dreams – Porsche 911 Turbo (930 3.0)


Leuke Engelstalige korte film over Benjamin en zijn passie voor de Porsche 911.

A Singaporean chances upon a rare classic Porsche, and goes on a journey to fulfill his childhood dream.

Dream Car Dreams breaks new ground by telling the story of chasing your childhood dreams set in the backdrop of the classic car scene in Singapore & the region.
Benjamin Hong, Jeffrey Hong and Chia Quee Khee provide various points of views and informs the audience on the reasons why people collect classic cars… for nostalgia, as a project, to participate in historic rallies, for the driving experience, as an investment and most importantly to be part of a community of fellow car enthusiasts.

The film delivers a strong message to the audience to never give up on their dreams… “Very often we think that the dream may never come true but if you go after it, step by step, you can find that your dream can become a reality.”

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Music: “Until We Die” by Gentle Bones