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In this video BMW How-To shows you that, depending on model and country, with the optional equipment ‘Automatic air conditioning’, auxiliary ventilation is included. The independent ventilation allows the temperature of the interior to be adjusted before the journey starts, using power from the vehicle’s battery. Depending on the set temperature and ambient temperature, the interior is ventilated or heated using any available residual heat from the engine. The system can be switched on and off directly or for a preselected departure time. In order to set and activate a departure time, go to “CAR”, “Settings”, “Climate comfort”, “Auxiliary ventilation”, “Departure schedule” and select the required departure time. Set the departure time and select the day of the week if necessary. After activating the required departure time, the fan and time symbol on the climate display signals that a departure time has been activated. At least 10 minutes should pass between adjusting/activating the departure time and the scheduled departure time, so the climate control has enough time to work. In the My BMW App the system can be switched on and off directly as well, by clicking on the fan symbol and pressing “Start”. The system switches off automatically after a while.

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