Kijktijd: 4:25. Publisher: Hyundai Europe

A unique project for the team at Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center (HMETC), the Hyundai Soapbox was designed just like a regular car. First, a team of engineers built the chassis. Then, a team of designers sketched ideas, worked on a 3D model and started building, before another team was brought in to finalise the colour colour and trim.

“When designing the Hyundai Soapbox, it was important for us to ensure feasibility,” says Eduardo Ramirez, Head of Exterior Design Team at HMETC. “We didn’t want to disadvantage parents for the sake of staying true to our original design. So when the design got too complex, we needed to take a step back and rethink.”

The development team also wanted the soapbox racer to be simple, and easy to build yet demonstre advanced thinking, so when looking to other Hyundai models for inspiration, the 45 concept stood out for its straight lines and geometric shapes, as well as the Prophecy concept. Instead of using a conventional steering wheel they adapted the joystick steering concept from the Prophecy, improvising for those at home with purchased screwdrivers.

For instructions on how to build your own soapbox, go here:

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