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Darkside Developments are now the UK’s KTM X-BOW Dealership and what better way to introduce KTM X-BOWUK than to speed around Silverstone with a bunch of VIP guests all day?

The reactions from the VIP’s after they got out of the car was too good to not share!

The guests were a mix of X-Bow fans, car reviewers, car enthusiasts, potential customers, customers and a family of four whose parents were celebrating their Wedding Anniversary and thought a blast around Silverstone should do their special day justice.

We were joined by fellow X-BOW owner Jerone who was using his X-BOW GT on it’s first track day having recently bought the car. He needed some advice and a few adjustments to his car before he went on the track which the Darkside team were happy to help with.

A great day was had by all who attended!

If you are interested in becoming a KTM X-BOW owner please email us on [email protected] or visit

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