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Mass Production To Unique Items
Designer: TAKEHANAKE-Bungorogama (Takehana Yoshifumi,Bungo Okuda,Akira Okuda)
Lexus Design Award 2017: Panel Finalist

Mass produced YET One-of-a-kind ceramics created using a portable kiln.

In Japan alone, 58,344,424kg of ceramics are made yearly, and even more are produced worldwide. Most of these mass produced ceramics are destroyed without even being used.

Our device is a kiln which enables mass produced ceramics which have been destroyed or unused to form a new unique ‘one-of-a- kind’ item. The kiln is portable and can be used by anyone under the guidance of a skilled potter.

The kiln can be used for 2 to 3 hours when fueled with charcoal or wood. Over the temperature of 1300℃, the charcoal and wood begin to melt, settling on the ceramics to create a new design through the power of nature.

There is a new value to the item unique to the individual who has made it. These ceramics, which had been mass produced and discarded, can be reborn by re-firing them.

Mass production and one-of-a- kind items are contradictory things. However, this kiln bridges the gap. This kiln has been made by many pottery beginners. An experimental event has also been held.

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