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There are videos of a white Hummer running over signs and bushes has been circulating on the internet for years. It was one of the original viral videos but no one knew who filmed it. Well we filmed it back in 2003 and here’s the never before seen raw footage.

DATE: 2003
DRIVER: No longer associated with “Mischief”
HUMMER: Borrowed

Most of this footage was never used in a “Mischief” movie. Part of the footage was given to the “Adrenaline Crew” to use in their DVD series. Although some of this footage has gone viral over the years, this is the first time anyone has seen the raw footage.

The white Hummer featured is not the same white Hummer owned by Marks, one of our main characters. He’d drive his H2 through a plastic porta potty but never over metal signs that would damage his truck.

Part of the footage was featured on in the “Who is the most obnoxious driver ever caught on video?” article. They had no idea who filmed it. The Youtube video they posted in their article has been taken down but here’s a screenshot:

Article is still up:

We no longer film these types of skits. If you’re easily offended by reckless driving or property destruction, do not watch. A TV show will be featuring some of this footage in the next few weeks.


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