Kijktijd: 21:19. Publisher: LostNotForgotton

This Video will go through the steps on removing the fuel tank, removing the sending unit and replacing the fuel pump. My Fiero is already up on stands and I am swapping in a bigger fuel pump for my 3800 swap. Check it out and let me know what other videos you’d like to see.
Below are links to stock fuel pumps as well as the fuel pump I am using for my supercharged 3800 swap and a sending unit if you need them

3800 Fuel Pump

2.8 (V6) Fiero Fuel Pump

1984 2.5 (4 Cyl) Fuel Pump

1985-1986 2.5 (4 Cyl) Fuel Pump

1987-1988 2.5 (4 Cyl) Fuel Pump

1985-1988 (V6) Sending Unit

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