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Click to Subscribe! ► – Turn your speakers up – the sounds of Nature and Machine are AWESOME 🙂 Out trailing today in my GMC Hummer H2 4×4. Recently, I posted a video titled “HiLUX vs HUMMER – Which One is YOUR Favourite?” ( The Hilux won out over the Hummer – but there are a LOT of Hummer fans out there! I’m surprised to hear that there are men out there that don’t like a good hummer from time to time. Well, none the less – today I am posting some literal RC pornography that is almost too good to be put on camera. Top quality 1080p HD at 60fps – and nothing but nature and fun with a beast machine. Tackling the Trails, finding a Mud Hole, and even into a River .. all for your entertainment! I hope you are all inspired to get outside to have some fun with the hobby of Radio Control!

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Enjoy my friends.. enjoy :~)

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