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Discover all you need to know about all electric driving with the smart EQ fortwo and smart EQ forfour with our “smart to know” tutorial series.
In this episode, our host Rouven will show you how electric driving makes urban life way easier and why the actual range of 120 to 130 km should be more than enough for your daily routes. You’ll also get to know how to charge your smart really fast at home with the smart Wallbox or at public charging stations while in the city. In addition, Rouven will reveal to you how clever features like the ECO mode will let you enjoy the range to the fullest. So jump in and join Rouven on a drive through the city to experience the joy of electric driving – especially with the roof of the smart EQ fortwo cabrio opening during the drive and the car barely making any sound.

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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – How far is the range?
0:40 – How far can I drive on one battery charge?
1:00 – How do I know if the range is sufficient?
1:33 – Where can I see the battery status?
2:17 – How can I increase the range?
3:03 – How does charging work?
3:21 – How do I charge using the smart Wallbox?
4:21 – How do I charge with a charging station?
5:24 – Are there enough charging stations in the city?
5:38 – How many years’ warranty does the battery have?
6:17 – How does electric driving feel?
6:46 – How do the models handle in traffic?
7:22 – How does the convertible roof work?
7:50 – Where do the driving dynamics come from?
8:31 – What is the eco score?

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