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Discover all you need to know about connectivity with the smart EQ fortwo and smart EQ forfour in our “smart to know” tutorial series.

In this episode, our hosts Stefan and Steve will share their mobile screens and knowledge about the smart EQ control app and the “ready to” services. Stefan will explain how to use helpful app features such as pre-cooling or -heating or checking the charging status, among others. Steve will also explain how to share your smart with friends using smart “ready to share” and why finding a parking spot gets even easier with smart “ready to park”. Last but not least, you will learn how easy it is to connect your smart with your smartphone via Apple CarPlay© or Android Auto™. So click play and let Stefan and Steve play around with the wide range of connected car features your smart has to offer.

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0:00 – Intro
0:31 – What does “connected car” mean?
1:31 – What apps are there?
1:56 – What is the smart EQ control app?

2:18 – What are the “ready to” services?
3:00 – What is the purpose of the smart EQ control App?
4:06 – What is the booster?
4:33 – For what purpose would I use the “departure time” function?
5:07 – How do I find charging stations?
6:31 – What does the eco score show?
7:45 – What advantages do the “ready to” services offer?
8:10 – How can I share my smart with others?
8:39 – How does the app support me in finding a parking space?
9:17 – How does the app help me find my smart again?
10:04 – How should I best load the trunk?
10:34 – How does the app help me in the event of a car theft?
11:42 – What can the smart Media-System connect do?

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