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We came back to Lassen National Park area to go snow-wheeling on hwy 17. We were surprised by the amount of snow for this area. We were only able to go as far as the 4.5 mile marker before the snow got too deep. This was a great place to film as the area was wide open, and good lighting.

I would highly recommend snow-wheeling on this hwy if you are new to snow-wheeling as the main hwy 36 and 44 are nearby, also red bluff is 30 miles away in case you run into any issue. Cell phone signal is not good, so make sure to bring your CB or HAM radio.

The purpose of this video was to show you the amount of snow accumulation on the hwy, so that you can decide whether or not to go snow-wheeling with your 4×4. Without giving too much away, we completed few video projects and we’re hoping to share those “how to” videos early as next week. make sure to subscribe and ring the bell so that you get notifications.

In conclusion, if you are planning to go snow-wheeling in this area, I would highly recommend that your 4×4 has lockers and a winch. From my understanding the snow in this area is very dense, and deep. Therefore, snow chains may not be much help especially once you hit 3 + feet of dense, wet, snow.

Thank you all for watch, and stay tuned:)

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