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Ford owner Izzy Paskowitz, founder of Surfers Healing, talks about how important new custom surfboards will be to his surfing camp for kids with autism.

Mark Johnson, head of design at Hobie, demonstrates how the innovative new surfboards, donated by Ford, will be created. Ford is proud to support Izzy and his mission of providing ocean therapy to kids with autism. To us, Izzy is exemplary of someone who is going further.

By teaching kids with autism to surf, Izzy’s Surfers Healing camp has made a difference in the lives of autistic kids – and their parents. We’re proud to have played a small role in Izzy’s mission as the Ford Excursion he drives transports all the surfboards from the camp to the ocean and back. See how Izzy and Surfers Healing go further to bring awareness to autism.

From the surfer who gives special children a reason to smile, to the Ford dealer who leaves his job to fight a fire, there are people around us who go further every day. Ford salutes all owners, dealers and employees who embody the meaning of Go Further.

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Surfers Healing: Custom Surfboards for Autistic Children | Go Further | Ford

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