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Volvo’s acquisition of in-house tuner Polestar has resulted in an interesting series of powertrain combinations that is perhaps as complex as powertrains get for less than the price of a Koenigsegg. The V60 Polestar Engineered awkward name aside, is a genuine attempt to be everything to everybody: a practical, luxurious wagon, an economical urban runabout, and a high-speed, all-weather athlete. In order to accomplish this, underneath that sexy bodywork, Volvo has put a turbo AND supercharged gas engine directly powering the front wheels through an 8-speed automatic, plus two electric motors and an 11.6 kwh battery pack in the back, driving the rears. So you get 22 miles of EV-only range, which can be recharged onboard using the gas engine as a generator, or plugged in at home. You then have unlimited gasoline range, plus, the powertrains combine to make a useful 415 HP and 494 lb/ft. Then they put gold brakes and race car shocks. Frankly, it’s wild stuff for an everyday car.

The downside? All this gadgetry adds up, both in cost complexity and in weight. But compared to its competition, the V60 Polestar Engineered is still a real value.

Volvo Cars, USA provided the vehicle, insurance, and a tank of fuel for this review.

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