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What is Subaru EyeSight? How are Subaru vehicles safer? How does Subaru EyeSight work?

Subaru EyeSight acts as an extra set of eyes for the road ahead. When put to the test, Subaru vehicles with EyeSight received the highest possible rating from the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) for front crash prevention. In addition to EyeSight, Subaru offers several safety technologies, including Blind-Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Reverse Automatic Braking. These technologies and Subaru EyeSight help increase your awareness, making it safer to drive a Subaru—not just for you, but for everyone on the road.

0:27 What is Pre-Collision Braking?
Subaru EyeSight can read the closing speed to vehicles up ahead and sound an alarm to alert the driver. EyeSight will even apply the brakes if necessary, lessening the severity or even helping to prevent a collision all together.

1:01 What is Pre-Collision Throttle Management?
When an object or vehicle is detected in front of your Subaru and the driver begins to accelerate towards it, Subaru EyeSight will reduce the sensitivity of the throttle and apply the brakes if necessary to help avoid a potential collision.

1:41 What is Adaptive Cruise Control?
Subaru EyeSight will automatically maintain a set following distance between the driver and the traffic ahead and can even bring the vehicle to a full stop if needed.

2:30 What is Lane Departure and Sway Warning with Lane Keep Assist?
Subaru EyeSight identifies lane markings ahead. Lane Departure and Sway Warning alerts the driver if their vehicle begins to drift from its lane. Lane Keep Assist can gently help steer the vehicle back into its lane.

3:43 What is Blind-Spot Detection?
Blind-Spot Detection helps watch over your shoulder to warn you of potential danger. It uses radar sensors to monitor your blind spot area and activates a warning light if a vehicle is detected, helping to take any guessing out of changing lanes.

4:05 What is Lane Change Assist?
Using the same warning light as Blind-Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist alerts you with a flashing light when another vehicle approaches at a higher speed in a neighboring lane as you signal for a lane change. This added awareness helps you make lane changes with more confidence.

4:36 What is Rear Cross-Traffic Alert?
When you’re parked and your vision is blocked, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert will look behind and to the sides of your vehicle, warning you of approaching vehicles that you can’t see.

5:15 What is Reverse Automatic Braking?
Protecting you from trouble you don’t see coming, Reverse Automatic Braking senses objects behind you and warns you of their presence with a series of beeps. If you fail to apply the brakes, your Subaru can apply them for you.

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